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Whenever you have a missed call from an unknown number, ScamCaller can help you find the necessary information.

Recent Comments

Created by: NuamanZ Area Code 1553
15 hours


the caller claimed to be Amazon Prime subscription. didn't make any sense. called to inform me that my subscription (which I don't have) may end.
Created by: Angry From Cromer Area Code 1263
1 days


Called my mobile. It immediately disconnected. When called back, no such number.
Created by: Jo Area Code 8451
1 days


Rang them back, recorded call saying they had identified my phone no.
Created by: Fed Up Area Code 1218
1 days


This number rang my landline number at 10.30 this morning. I picked it up but it was one of the silent type. I stayed on the line until the caller hung up (a few seconds). Almost certainly a spam c
Created by: Anonymous Area Code 1424
1 days


Got a call from "Tom" about the insulation that had been installed in my loft on a government scheme. I told him I didn't have a loft & he just repeated his spiel. I told him again that I don't ha